Who are we?

Heather Rabbit

Heather Rabbit nursery was founded by Rosemary Ward in 1985. She realised that there was a need in the local area for a nursery which utilised the beautiful countryside we live in to allow children to learn through predominantly outdoor play in the natural environment. Heather Rabbit continues to flourish in the same location almost 40 years later. For the last 15 years Rosemary’s daughter Nancy Macdonald has been leading the team of experienced and knowledgeable staff, many who have been at Heather Rabbit for over 20 years.

What we do…

Supporting growth

Children are given the opportunities to explore the natural world, to grow their own food, to care for animals, to pond dip, to climb trees, to create camps and to eat crumpets straight off the campfire to name just a few of the activities on offer. We wish for our little people to be always looking for adventure, to be independent in organising themselves and to know how to be a good friend.


All of the children in our care are respected as individuals and in turn learn to respect their friends, their teachers and their environment.


Providing a wide range of experiences means that a Heather Rabbit Child has the confidence to approach new activities with positivity.


The children learn to care for themselves, each other, the nursery animals and the natural environment they play in.


Approach challenges in a constructive way. It is not a failure to have to try again if we are not happy with the end result. We learn from our mistakes and improve because of them.

“ An enchanting and magical place made so not only by its gorgeous setting but the love and fun that seems to ooze out of the gates.”

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