Experiences & Activities

Making memories

Whether it be making sparks for the campfire or going on a canal boat trip you can be sure that your child is making memories every time they are in our care.

Everyday should be an adventure when you are 3 and 4. Our children learn to embrace new experiences from the secure and safe environment of Heather Rabbit.

Our activities are diverse


We enjoy playdough discos and write dance regularly to help with early writing skills.


We have wonderful visitors who are so interesting it is easy to sit and listen to them.


We follow recipes to make tasty treats, these are great to eat but we have also practised some maths whilst creating them.


We have campfires and cook on them; we do woodwork and we climb trees. All of these teach our children how to approach risky activities in the safest way possible.


We go on trips to the library where we share our favourite books with the librarian, and they introduce us to some special new books we haven’t seen before.


We arrange small group trips to the local elderly persons’ residence to enjoy songs and rhymes in a new environment.


We care for the nursery’s animals, we stroke and handle them as well as feed them.


We also know it is important that our families get to join in our fun. We have a traditional nativity play every year, an Easter Egg Hunt, sports day and a whole nursery picnic, all of which the children’s Parents and Carers are encouraged to attend.

The above activities and so many more mean all of our children are being provided with experiences and learning opportunities covering all the 7 areas of learning as set out in the Early Years Foundation Stage. The children are supported throughout their time with us to ensure they are reaching their full potential in all areas. We have high expectations for all children we care for.

“ Nursery staff offer children exciting, incredibly interesting and stimulating activities and outings that thoroughly promote their passion for learning.”
– Ofsted 2020

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